Export your used vehicle via AES with a little help from us!

The U.S. Census Bureau (Census) Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) mandates the filing of electronic export information (EEI) through the Automated Export System (AES) or AESDirect for all used self-propelled vehicles, regardless of value or country of destination. In other words, all used, self-propelled automobiles, machinery, and equipment intended for land, exported from the U.S. must file an AES. Before your vehicle makes its way to the border, make sure this is done or you’ll be waiting a minimum of 3 business days to proceed!


+ applicable taxes, USD
Per self-propelled vehicle*
*depending on complexity
"You and your team are simply amazing!!!  It is just incredible how quickly and efficiently you step up to the plate with a last-minute request and still come in with a cost-effective solution. Wow.  I am simply grateful for your incredible efforts, talent, and professionalism.  We are very lucky and could not be happier with your service."

~ Ken Nord, The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC)

What qualifies as a used, self-propelled vehicle?

Agricultural machinery, construction equipment, special use equipment, automobiles, motorcycles and motor homes.

    You will:

    1. Receive an export account in your name
    2. Gather your vehicle information and provide it to us

    We will:

    1. Prepare and file your AES
    2. Prepare and file the 72-hour notice with U.S. Customs
    3. Pay applicable duties and taxes on your behalf
    4. Provide you a notification once you are allowed to approach the border