BorderPro iPhone App - How To Use SMS And Email Subscriptions

Border Pro for Carriers powered by Pacific Customs Brokers, introduces a number of new features which leverages technology developed to support the BorderPro iPhone app. A not so obvious feature - is the addition of short message service (SMS) and email subscriptions to PARS and SCN shipment entries.

Email and SMS subscriptions are now offered on both our website based PARS and SCN tracking pages, as well as our iPhone application. At the time of submitting your PARS or SCN number, the user can also provide a valid email or SMS/mobile number. We will then confirm/validate that your PARS or SCN number is valid and then subscribe you to that tracking number. You will receive a subscription confirmation by SMS or email as well as an email or SMS for every status change to the point of release.

Introducing Our New Mobile PARS and SCN Checker

Using this you can search once, subscribe and be notified as your shipment is prepared and released. This can also allow your dispatch office to enter the tracking number on behalf of trucks en-route and providing the drivers SMS or email address for receiving updates. Invalid entries will not be subscribed for reasons such as; the number does not match in our system. This may be because Pacific Customs Brokers is not the designated customs broker associated to the shipment or simply human error and the number was entered incorrectly.

Be sure to give this a try on your next SCN or PARS lookup, submit once - add your preferred method of getting tracking updates and you will be notified on all status changes for that given shipment. For more information, please visit our BorderPro for Carriers web pages or contact our carrier help desk for assistance with this new and exciting feature. Watch for multi-PARS and SCN support later this year as we continue to develop the back end support for the BorderPro iphone app.

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