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U.S. Goods Returning

Goods manufactured in the United States that have been previously exported and are now returning require a formal declaration called American Goods Returned (AGR) also referred to as U.S. goods returning (USGR).

In this video, Aimee Miller, explains when an American Good Returned is eligible for duty-free treatment and the documents that are required.

Do not assume that  the return of goods to the United States will be without some difficulty. A common mistake that importers make when declaring U.S. goods is that they do not know where the products were manufactured. Just because the product was purchased in the U.S. it doesn't necessarily mean it was manufactured in the United States. 

U.S. Made Goods Returned Are Not Always Duty Free
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Aimee Miller

Aimee Miller is the Trade Compliance Supervisor with Pacific Customs Brokers USA , located in Blaine, Washington. She is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker and a Certified Customs Specialist, with 18 years of operational and Trade Compliance experience in the trade and transportation industry.

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