Is plywood going to be exempt from the regulations between Canada and the US? Generally speaking, most countries have this exemption in place, however there were a few that did not, such as Australia (Who have since, just reversed that thankfully.) Answer:At this time it looks like all manufactured wood will be exempt.The CFIA has indicated they will be amending their current policy D98-08 which currently covers everywhere, other than the continental US, to simply include the US. This policy currently describes the regulated and exempted commodities as:1.4 Regulated CommoditiesWood packaging materials constructed from the wood of any plant species that are not manufactured, including dunnage, pallets, spacers, bearers, crating, etc.Note: wood packaging materials used for the transport of lumber are also regulated by this policy. However, logs, wood with bark attached, lumber, wood chips, bark chips, bamboo products, decorative wood items, cones without seed and other forest product imports are regulated by policy directive D-02-12.1.5 Commodities ExemptAll wood packaging materials constructed entirely from manufactured wood including: dunnage, pallets, spacers, bearers, crating, etc. All wood packaging materials constructed of wood of less than 6 mm in thickness.Wood packing (wood chips, sawdust or other processed wood product used to stabilize a commodity).Manufactured Wood: Articles comprised wholly of wood-based products such as plywood, particle board, oriented strand board, veneer, wood wool etc., which have been created using glue, heat and pressure or a combination thereof.

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While we strive for accuracy in all our communications, as the Importer of Record it is incumbent upon your company to ensure that you are aware of the requirements under the new regulations so that you maintain compliance as always.