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Ready to begin importing into Canada with the assistance of a Customs Broker? Let us do the heavy lifting.

Pacific Customs Brokers specializes in Canadian & US Customs Brokerage. Our Licensed Customs Brokers and Certified Customs Specialists will work with you to expedite the Customs clearance of your shipment, ensure accuracy in Customs documentation preparation, determine tariff classification, estimate correct duties and taxes, and ensure adherence to all Customs compliance and Government regulations.

Looking to import goods into Canada but still pricing things out?

Our services include:
  • Expedite the Customs clearance of your shipment
  • Ensure accuracy in Customs documentation preparation
  • Determine tariff classification
  • Estimate correct duties and taxes
  • Ensure adherence to all Customs compliance and government regulations

"You and your team are simply amazing!!!  It is just incredible how quickly and efficiently you step up to the plate with a last-minute request and still come in with a cost-effective solution. Wow.  I am simply grateful for your incredible efforts, talent, and professionalism.  We are very lucky and could not be happier with your service."

- Ken Nord, The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC)