Systems Outages

Affecting your imports

September 25, 2020

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will experience temporary systems maintenance outage. As part of CFIA's ongoing efforts to improve client service please be advised that CFIA will be performing network maintenance Saturday September 26, 2020, from  3 am (EST) to 3 pm (EST).

Consequently, the following services may not be available for this period:

·              Automated Import Reference System (AIRS)

·              CFIA Automated Shipment Inspection Status Search Tool (ASISST)

·              AIRS Verification Service (AVS)

·              CFIA Digital Document Store Application (DDS)

·              Electronic Data Interchange - Other Government Department (OGD) Pre-Arrival Review System and/or the OGD Release on Minimum

               Documentation (EDI OGD PARS/RMD)

                ·              Electronic Data Interchange - Integrated Import Declaration (EDI -IID)

Who will this effect? Every shipment was requiring CFIA review entering Canada regardless of the customs broker.


What does this mean? Please be aware that CFIA can still review shipments at this time, but there may be a delay.


When will my shipment be cleared for entry? CFIA will still be approving entries at this time.

What do I need to do? Importers and carriers should be aware that although the entry submitted by the customs broker may be in received status, we are unable to process the request with CFIA during the outage. Ensure you check back when the outage ends.

Pacific Customs Brokers will continue to communicate with CFIA on its system's outage and update this notification as new information emerges. Once operational, this message will no longer appear on our website.

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