Unsure of your import? Get an Import Assessment

Wondering what the duty rate, tariff classification code, and valuation for a commodity you would like to import in the future? Get the information you need to be effective and compliant with your imports. Book an Import Assessment with a Trade Advisor and receive the following:


1 Hour consultation on any topic of interest including:

  • HS Classification code and duty rate for up to 3 commodities
  • Applicable permits and licenses 
  • Valuation determination
  • Free Trade Agreement eligibility

Speak to a Trade Advisor on a variety of topics importers ask us everyday:

  • What are my import regulations?
  • What permits and licenses must I apply for?
  • How can I determine my rate of duty?
  • How can I determine my HS tariff codes?
  • How can I determine my value for duty?
"You and your team are simply amazing!!!  It is just incredible how quickly and efficiently you step up to the plate with a last-minute request and still come in with a cost-effective solution. Wow.  I am simply grateful for your incredible efforts, talent, and professionalism.  We are very lucky and could not be happier with your service."

~ Ken Nord, The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC)