AMPS Under The Microscope: The Continual Evolution

AMPS are intended to deter non-compliance and have been issued by CBSA for the last 20 years. When a CBSA officer finds that a client has not complied with their obligations under the Customs Act, an AMPS penalty will be applied.

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International Trade Solutions For Your Commodity

Dairy products


Fresh, grated, powdered and processed cheese, ice cream, milk, dairy powders and other dairy products

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Plants, fresh flowers, greenery, trees, seeds and other horticulture related items

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Meat and items containing meat products

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Various health products

Health Products

Supplements, vitamins, minerals, fortified, beauty products

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Food on grocery shelf

Processed Food/Beverage

Chips, granola bars, canned goods, frozen meals, condiments

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Electric bike

Electric Bikes

Power-assisted bicycles, e-bikes, electric bikes, motorized bikes, and electric scooters

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Vehicles / Machinery

Cars, trucks, motorized and self-propelled equipment to be driven on roads or project sites

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Operating room

Medical Supplies

Medical devices, bandages, masks, wheelchairs, ventilators and other related items

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