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Provide you with the most compliant and client service driven international trade services.

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Solve your tough trade problems with compliant trade solutions, and communicate opportunities.

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Be there for you 24/7. You can trust us to be responsible and reliable with your international trade endeavors.

Our History

PCB is your trusted customs and international logistics expert. We specialize in the efficient and effective movement of goods across borders, with roots dating back to 1954.

We've come a long way since then, with one thing never changing...

We Answer.

24/7, 365 access to Trade Specialists
All of your international trade problems solved in one place.
1950's rotary phone black
1954 Our family-owned group of companies' long standing history began with a small partnership of customs brokers seeing a need for service in Vancouver, Canada.
Old multi-line rotary phone from the 1950's
1956 ABC Customs Brokers Ltd.'s first office was established at the Port of Vancouver with John Cyril (Jack) and Eileen Todd at the helm. Not long after, Alf Bucholtz joined the team. The company is still family-owned to this day, with the reins passing down to Glen Todd in 1981 as CEO, with Dave Bucholtz serving as President. Penny a box story.
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1958 Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd., affectionately named PCB by clients and carriers, was founded at the Pacific Highway port of crossing in Surrey, BC serving out of an old abandoned Hudson Bay trading post. PCB was founded on one simple principle: serve the client well. Back then, our clients were those of other customs brokers that needed paper entries at ports they did not have a physical location.

In those early years, we were often given shipment release requests that other brokers were less inclined to process. This meant that our founding team members dealt with the most complicated, lengthy, and time-constrained entries, and instilled in us our problem-solving and adversity-facing culture of getting any job done compliantly. PCB has grown to be one of the largest service providers for food importers under the guidance of President and COO, Greg Timm and Vice President, Dave Bucholtz.
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Canadian Bill Of Rights guarantees all Canadian’s civil rights and freedoms.
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The new Canadian flag flew for the first time, with two red sidebars and a red maple leaf after it was approved by the Senate and Queen Elizabeth.
1980's multi-line telephone
Terry Fox’s cross country Marathon of Hope began in New Foundland, for which he raised 10 million dollars to benefit cancer research.
1990's flip phone
Pacific Deconsolidators opened later to become a sufferance w/h after a long fought court battle which concluded on christmas eve in ottawa.
1990's fax machine
1989 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into force allowing for reduced or eliminated duty on imports between Mexico, the US, and Canada (which has since been replaced with CUSMA/USMCA/T-Mex.)
2000 computer with Outlook Express
Pacific Customs Brokers Inc., our US office, was founded, and the “goat trail” between the Surrey and Blaine offices was established. Staff could often be found walking from one PCB location to the other in service to our clients, always sure to stop at Customs for a friendly chat.
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September 11th terrorist attacks reshaped the cross-border process. In the years that followed, stricter reviews and the addition of trusted trader programs were established.
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PCB Freight Management Ltd. was founded after PCB dabbled in the freight world and realized that clients benefited from having both customs brokerage and freight management services in one place. Today it serves clients all over the world utilizing all modes of transport, with specialties in large capital project moves.
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The Canadian Women's and Men’s hockey teams win gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Game for which PCB was the sole logistics provider.
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First charter flight of PPE touched down in Vancouver to protect front-line workers at BC’s hospitals chartered by PCB Freight Management.

We answer 24/7, 365.

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Remember the days when people would talk to each other? Face-to-face, over the phone, or across the yard to your neighbor?

Remember when you called a store and a person would answer, and connect you to someone who could provide you with the answer you were looking for?

Remember when you did not have to press 1, then 4, then 7, then 0, just to be placed on hold until the next representative was available?

That is why you do not have to answer to a robot. When you call, we answer. You will always have a voice to talk to thanks to our 24/7/365 access to expertise, support and service.

Our first office was in an abandoned
Hudson's Bay Trading Post.

Pacific Border Crossing 1940s

The geographical location in which we began the company was comprised of a whole lot of farmland, very few buildings and a busy border crossing. There were not many options to open an office. Therefore, we began our future utilizing a relique of Canada’s trading past. Although we no longer operate out of that abandoned Hudson’s Bay Trading Post building, a part of its history is reflected in our newsletter: The Trading Post.


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Our History

Peace Arch Peace Arch Park Pacific Highway Office 1953PCB building 2000'sPCB building street view

PCB Customs Brokers is your trusted customs expert specializing in international trade with roots dating back to 1954. John Cyril (Jack) Todd first founded PCB’s sister company ABC Customs Brokers Ltd. in 1954 at the Port of Vancouver BC, which was soon followed by a second office at United Terminals in Burnaby, BC.A few years later in 1958, Jack founded Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd. at Pacific Highway in Surrey, BC with his wife Eileen handling the phones and administrative duties; and in 1981, their son John Glendon (Glen) Todd took over the reins.

PCB Customs Brokers was founded on one simple principle: serve the client well. Back then, our clients were those of other customs brokers that needed paper entries at ports they did not have a physical location. In those early years, we were often given shipment release requests that other brokers were less inclined to process. This meant that our founding team members dealt with the most complicated, lengthy, and time-constrained entries, and instilled in us our problem-solving and adversity-facing culture of getting any job done compliantly.

Today, thousands of importers just like you, trust us to import their goods into Canada and the US by structuring our business around their needs with 24/7 access to expertise, support and encompassing services including freight management, trade advisory and a comprehensive learning center.

If you face a trade challenge, you can trust us to provide you with solutions. Our expertise is what makes us special, and you happy.

BC coast Pacific Ocean

Our logo represents more
than just a name.

Our company's heritage is reflected by the "Flying P" in our logo. The curved nature of the "P" signifies our Pacific Northwest coastal heritage of the Pacific Ocean and the Canadian and US flags waving together at border crossings accross the continent.

PCB logo seal - Customs, Management, Freight, Advisory


"Pacific Customs Brokers has been an excellent business partner for the past several years. We have worked together on complex customs projects and moves, established a network of excellent broker agents, and improved our overall compliance in our technical and corporate shipping.

PCB has delivered more than promised, always fully accessible and providing responses tailored to our 24/7/365 needs. More importantly you have always recommended the solutions that were in our best interests, saving us time and money. Your team has been prompt, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for us. Our businesses are dynamic, to say the least, and the way PCB is able to flex when our needs change 'on the fly' really is key to our joint successes."
"It is with pride and pleasure that we pass on the commendations of the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, Broadcasters and Press Agencies, the National Olympic Committees and the National Paralympic Committees on the success of the Logistics program for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. This success would not have been possible without the contribution and excellence demonstrated by Pacific Customs Brokers.

Your team has gone over and above to deliver the highest level of service to our collective clients. Events of the size and scale of an Olympic Games require flexibility and skill to overcome the many challenges associated with concentrating such a huge undertaking into a short span of time. You should take pride in the abilities and attitude demonstrated by your team and in the professionalism demonstrated by Pacific Customs Brokers in the delivery of services to VANOC and the many and varied client groups of the Games.Thank you for your significant dedication and contribution to the success of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."

Grant Earnshaw, Director, Material Logistics  & Tony Beck, Director, Logistical Operations
"Over the past  10 years, the team at Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd. (“PCB”) has been [our] exclusive customs broker.

At all hours of the day and night, the PCB team has gone above and beyond for us dealing with every foreseeable (and unforeseeable) issue the arose in clearing our imports and exports. The staff have been professional, timely, technically accurate in addressing tariff rulings, and providing valuable insight to keep [us] ahead of [our][ competition.

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd. to anyone seeking a professional and personable customs broker."
"Our business of the consolidation, distribution and transportation of fresh cut flowers and floral products is a challenging one. Over a year ago we began transitioning existing customers and any new Canadian customers over to Pacific Customs Brokers to handle details of clearing their products primarily at the border in Blaine, WA. Not only are our personal efficient, reliable and knowledgeable but also a pleasure to interact with on a daily basis.

Knowing that we can reach your company at any time of the day, seven days a week for problem resolution is a critical component to the success of the growth and outstanding service perspective customers of Pacific Customs Brokers."
"I have been working in partnership with PCB for over a year now. Their service is second to none. Whenever we have struggles on our end, PCB is there on the phone, no recorded messages, no wait times, your questions are answered immediately. In most cases, they even call the next day to make sure we don’t have any other questions.

I have called PCB numerous times when they were not even our broker, and they STILL answered questions. This alone is what made me make the switch. I have four stores in theVancouver market, with more coming, and with PCB as my business partner, we have noWorries.

Recently, one of my other distribution centers was struggling with their own broker. I introduced them to PCB, and they made the switch within weeks. PCB offers the kind of customer service you don’t get in bigger companies any more, and it’s very much appreciated by me and my team."
"PCB sent down part of their Operations staff to train my team members when we switched from our old broker. They stayed with us for hours answering all questions, and offering suggestions to make things easier on our end.

I speak of PCB highly every chance I get. Switching to PCB was one of the best business decisions I have ever made, and would make it again in a second!"
"We switched to PCB at the end of last summer, and I have to say that I am so glad I made that decision... Any broker can put entries through, but when the chips are down, and we need help, your team is there for us... and I can't thank you enough."
"I want to express my gratitude to you and your entire team for making my shipment this weekend a success, despite some incredible challenges created by the ultimate consignee. You and your entire team are professional, efficient and extraordinarily customer-service oriented. Your ability to problem solve is amazing. Thank you again."
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