How To Import E-Bikes Into Canada

Your how-to guide on electric bicycle imports into Canada

If you are importing power-assisted bicycles, e-bikes, electric bikes, motorized bikes, and electric scooters into Canada, you must know what government parties are involved, what regulations must be followed, and the fundamental aspects of e-bike imports.

Main Regulations:

Import Fundamentals:

  • You will be acting as the Importer of Record. Therefore, you are the party ultimately responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the import declaration; as well as, the payment of applicable duties and taxes into Canada
  • Duty and tax must be paid upon importation into Canada.
  • The rate of duty is determined by the tariff of the commodity being imported, the value of the goods and, the origin of the goods.
  • Certain import documentation is required to be presented to the border services officer at the port of entry.
  • Your import may be subject to a customs review, inspection or audit prior to, or after the importation. Additional fees may be levied by the Government of Canada for these services.
  • You are required to keep your import records for six years following the date of import and can be audited by Customs at any point during this time.

FAQ: E-Bike Imports

How Do I Know If My E-bike Is Regulated By The Motor Vehicle Safety Act Or Not?
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On February 4, 2021, Transport Canada repealed the previous definition of a power-assisted bicycle. Instead, Transport Canada will assess the design and speed of the e-bike in order to determine if it is regulated under the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

Transport Canada will regulate your e-bike if it:
  • Can travel faster at speeds of 32 km/h / 20 miles/h or greater (power assisted)
  • Is equipped with features that resemble on-road motorcycles or vehicles
For E-bikes equipped with speed limiters, Transport Canada will first assess the e-bike based upon the untethered speed capacity to determine if the e-bike is regulated.

E-Bikes are also regulated at the Provincial and Territory level, so it is good practice to check with your local government for regulations prior to importing or purchasing an e-bike.
For full details see the Government of Canada’s FAQ page.
What Is The Speed Limit Of An E-bike?
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In order for an e-bike to be non-regulated by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Transport Canada indicates that the e-bike must not be able to reach a speed of 32km/h.

If the electric bicycle can operate at over 32km/h it will be considered a regulated vehicle.

Can I Import An E-bike That Looks Like A Motorcycle?
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In order for an e-bike to be non-regulated by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Transport Canada indicates that e-bikes cannot resemble on-road vehicles of any sort. If the e-bike does it will be regulated by Transport Canada regardless of speed limitations.

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