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How Will CBSA's CARM Client Portal Affect You?
Taryn Hannah

The portal is a self-service driven access point that provides importers with increased visibility, efficiency and consistency with direct accounting capabilities ...

January 14, 2020
Safe Food For Canadians Licence To Import Food Required January 15, 2020
Gloria Terhaar

When the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations came into force on January 15, 2019, importers were required to have a Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) Licence ...

January 8, 2020
Top 10 'Your Broker Knows' Blogs Of 2019
Adriana Petty

Don’t miss out on our most popular articles for 2019. The top 3 are 9 Steps To Importing A Vehicle Into Canada From The U.S., Returning Online Goods? ...

January 8, 2020
Duties And Tax Liability And Payment, Transferring To You!
Cherie Storms

Need help understanding the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) client portal, requirement to purchase your own release prior...

December 24, 2019
U.S., Canada And Mexico Sign A Revised NAFTA 2.0
Jan Brock

On December 10, 2019, the U.S. House Democrats announced their backing of a renegotiated U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement...

December 12, 2019
Customs And Border Protection Units Of Quantity Changing
Misty Gibbins

Under the TFTEA of 2015, all tariff numbers that previously did not require a unit be reported are to be replaced with a specific unit of quantity.

December 11, 2019
Importing A Vehicle From The US Into Canada
Jan Brock

Many people are still researching whether it is cheaper to purchase a new or used vehicle in the US and import the vehicle to Canada.

November 27, 2019
Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Jan Brock

The CFIA is responsible for overseeing imports of food products, plants, animals and related products...

November 22, 2019
Important SFCR Licensing Information For Importers Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
Gloria Terhaar

These licenses are required to be reported at the time of import. If you have your license and have not already reported it to your Customs Broker you should do so ASAP.

November 20, 2019
Urgent - Restriction on US Imports of Tomatoes and Peppers
Misty Gibbins

On November 15th, USDA’s APHIS announced it will restrict imports of Fresh Tomatoes and Tomato Plants and Fresh Peppers and Pepper Plants, the two main hosts of the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV).‍

November 19, 2019