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Transport large capital or private projects across the border efficiently and at a lower cost.

Over the years our EPC clients have saved millions of dollars in duty by using entry types specific for large capital projects spread out over multiple carrier loads and months.

Having an experienced customs broker who can draw your attention to areas you may not have thought of can make a substantial difference to your project’s smooth importation and ultimate construction. An experienced customs broker can draw your attention to and help avoid potential problem areas that have proven to be sticking points in the past that have resulted in shipping delays at the point of pick up, port of entry or delivery locations. Simplify your large project by using our services for:

Trade and Freight Management

From the early planning stages through to project completion our Customs Brokerage and Freight teams operate as one cohesive team to potentially save clients millions of dollars.

Your best interest is our best interest, as an extension of your company and partner in your global trade endeavors.

Feasibility Studies

From pick up point to final destination, our experts review the details to ensure a smooth process.


  • Accessibility check at pickup and delivery locations to ensure equipment compatibility with loading and unloading locations, from dock height to road density, and everything in between.

Procurement Research

Today’s international trade environment is volatile with countries taking protectionist moves. Get expert advice on where to source your goods at the lowest cost.


  • Explanation of current available Free Trade Agreements, quota, surtax, anti-dumping and countervailing duties in place which may inadvertently increase your import costs substantially.
  • Recommendation of sourcing country based on lowest import duty and transportation cost.

Incoterms® Recommendation

Advice on what International Term of Sale you should use for your project.


  • Explanation of all types of Incoterms®, as well as the pros and cons of each.
  • Recommendation of the most appropriate and beneficial one that provides you the most visibility, control and cost savings.

Transportation Logistics

A to B freight management.


  • Recommendation of mode, route and carrier to maximize efficiency and cost effective logistics.
  • Vendor engagement | You stay up-to-date with carrier locations and updates.

Strategic Customs Clearance

Not every entry is created equal. When it comes to projects of large scale, Customs allows for special entry types that result in massive duty savings.


  • Review composition, origin and value to determine correct entry type.
  • Recommendation of sourcing country based on lowest import duty and transportation cost.

Audit Protection

Compliant importing not only avoids delay at the border, but it also helps to avoid a customs audit which can take place at any time up to six years after importation. With us you’ll receive trusted advice on how to import in accordance with the law.


  • Review of your commodity and the regulations and government agencies with which you will need to comply.
  • Explanation of regulations and recommendations on how to follow them while remaining on time and on budget.

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