12 Things Trudeau and Obama Agreed On

By Aaron Wherry, CBC News 2016-03-15

A dozen diplomatic developments from the prime minister's day at the White House

The brief meeting this morning between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama produced a 2,500-word joint statement and another 5,800 words of additional affirmations and commitments from the Prime Minister's Office.

The documents released Thursday, no doubt the products of months of drafting and negotiation between Canadian and American officials, cover a wide array of continental and international concerns.

Here are a dozen of the most interesting items:

Climate change

1. The leaders agreed to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40 to 45 per cent below 2012 levels by 2025 and pursue related international commitments through the G20.

2. Canada and the United States committed to reduce the use and emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and promised to "propose new actions in 2016." The two countries also plan to provide increased financial support to help developing countries reduce HFCs.

3. The leaders reaffirmed a commitment to work toward a second phase of aligned greenhouse gas emission standards for on-road heavy-duty vehicles after the 2018 model year.

4. The two countries agreed to use "similar values for the social cost of carbon and other GHGs for assessing the benefits of regulatory measures."

5. Trudeau and Obama expressed a "strong commitment" to reduce emissions from international aviation, through technological and operational advancements, a new carbon standard for airplanes and by adopting in 2016 a "carbon offset measure that will allow for carbon-neutral growth from international civil aviation."

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