Canada Vows to Defend Supply Management as NAFTA Talks Set to Start in August

By Eric Atkins, The Globe and Mail 2017-06-29

Lawrence MacAulay, the federal Agriculture Minister, vows Canada will defend its controversial support for dairy farmers ahead of North American trade talks slated to start in August.

“We’re the government that put supply management in place and we’re the government that’s going to defend it,” Mr. MacAulay said, without elaborating, by phone from Savannah, Ga., where he held talks with his counterparts from the United States and Mexico in advance of new negotiations over the North American free-trade agreement. Supply management was created by the Liberal government in the 1970s to stabilize farmers’ incomes.

Mr. MacAulay said he is not a trade negotiator and that there were no discussions with Sonny Perdue of the United States and Jose Calzada of Mexico over what would be on the table in the new talks.

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