Freight Forwarding

International Freight Forwarders plan the transportation of your goods overseas. A professional freight forwarding service is a critical link in the supply chain, and will assist your company in determining all costs included in a sales contract. Freight forwarders in Canada have partnerships and agency agreements with other freight forwarders worldwide. They can help you navigate the world of international shipping and have the right relationships to negotiate favourable pricing to transport your goods.

Role of a Freight Forwarder

  • Arrange the movement of cargo - "3PL"
  • Provide logistical expertise
  • Network with agents or offices globally

Pacific Customs Brokers freight forwarding division has become a major North American link to many trans-ocean shippers and freight forwarders. It is a single point of contact for international freight movements providing freight and logistic solutions to freight forwarders and shippers worldwide.

We are known for special project handling, earning us the reputation as a world-class company. Our elite team of logistics professionals will manage large and small cargo while ensuring the goods will arrive at their destination. Collectively with our worldwide network of premium freight agents and our in-house customs brokers, we provide our clients with a high caliber of freight logistics services.

Freight & Logistical Services

Managed Freight Programs

  • Sea/ Air Programs
  • Vessel and Air Charters
  • Industrial Project Logistics
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Energy/ Engineering Procurement

Proudly served as the Designated Freight Forwarder for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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Exporting Document Preparation

Before you set out to sell and or ship to a country overseas, it is advised that you check the specific documentary requirements, regulations and restrictions on export to that country. Excluding Canada, there are approx. 192 independent countries in the world. This implies that there are 192 different documentary requirements when it comes to shipping to those countries. It can be challenging and unforgiving if you make any errors or omissions.

With our extensive background in international imports and exports, we can be of assistance in the preparation of your export documents. While we may not have all the answers, we know where and how to obtain the necessary information to make your shipment as convenient and as cost effective as possible.

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Export Consulting

If you are unsure about how to proceed or are looking to undertake or enter into an international shipment arrangement, perhaps it would be wise to conduct an independent review of your sells project or international shipment. This may be money well spent in advance of undertaking or entering into any overseas project or contract.

Pacific Customs Brokers offers export consultation services. We can assist and advise you as your independent consultant. To learn how Pacific Customs Brokers can help you open the door to export opportunities, speak with one of our logistics specialists today.

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Global Export Seminar

Pacific Customs Brokers and Pacific Overseas Forwarding host a series of Trade Compliance Seminars throughout the year. If you are shipping beyond the U.S. and into the global market, the seminar on Global Export might be of interest. This session will cover key topics on exporting from Canada. In this seminar you will gain a better understanding of Free Trade Agreements, regulations and how to prepare the documentation for export. We will provide you with a solid foundation of reporting, record keeping requirements and terms of sale.

This seminar will be of interest to business owners, controllers, CFOs, logistics managers, operations managers looking to expand their traditional product market.

Check out our Trade Compliance Seminar schedule to see when the next Global Export Seminar is being offered.

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