Company History

Established in 1958, Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd. was founded by John Cyril (Jack) Todd. Jack started the company at the Port of Pacific highway in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, with his wife Eileen answering phones and handling administrative duties. The first Pacific Customs Brokers office was an abandoned Hudson's Bay Trading Post, built in the early 1900's. Complete with an authentic wood burning stove and (cold only) running water, Jack had to get to the office early to stoke the fire before Eileen arrived.

Within months, Jack hired the first employee, Alf Bucholtz, to handle the business. Today the Pacific Group of Companies employs over 250 people with many areas of expertise in customs brokerage, freight management, cross-border issues, and international trade.

John Glendon (Glen) Todd, Jack's son, now leads the Pacific Group of Companies as the Chief Executive Officer. Jack passed away on February 8, 2000, but his instilled culture and methods of doing business live on today.


Jack and Eileen Todd pictured together in 1992
Jack and Eileen Todd
pictured together in 1992


Glen Todd
Glen Todd
Photo provided by Now Community Newspaper