Trade Regulation Updates

Vehicle Imports - Single Window Vehicle Import Form

June 12, 2019

As of this year we have been working in the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) paperless initiative, where paper Vehicle Import Forms for commercial entries are no longer required for commercial imports.

Everything is now being done electronically which means you will no longer receive a paper Form 1 from us in the mail. RIV will email you a copy of your Vehicle Import Form, within a week of the drivers release. CBSA will then transmit the data electronically to The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV). In turn, RIV will share vehicle import data and status with the Interprovincial Records Exchange (IRE). Provincial and territorial licensing offices across Canada will access the IRE using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for verification of import and vehicle status prior to registering and licensing.

If you happen to notice that there may be any type of errors within the Vehicle Import Form document, please contact RIV direct and they will help amend your form.

Please note that the RIV only has the option to send the Vehicle Import Form document to one email contact within your company. Please ensure you have provided us with the most efficient email address to receive these documents. Please also note we can change the email address on our end a head of time per shipment basis.

How to tell if your vehicle is exempt from inspection or needs to be inspected;

If your Vehicle Import Form case number starts with an E, your vehicle will be exempt from inspection.

If your Vehicle Import Form case number starts with a C, your vehicle will need to be inspected at an authorized facility (Canadian Tire).


  • Schedule VII temporary vehicle imports

  • Personal vehicle importations

Above imports will still have paper vehicle import forms.

For further information regarding your declaration please contact RIV directly.