Welcome to Your Broker Knows ? the Pacific Customs Brokers Blog. Our objective for this blog is to provide our audience with informative content that will not only expand their knowledge related to the trans-border movement and the importation of goods into Canada, and also to learn the necessary steps to being compliant. To stay current with the ever-changing International Trade Community and its varying rules of regulations. To explain in "layman" terms the legalese of Canada Customs, so that it makes sense to the inexperienced importer and/or shipper. Pacific Customs Brokers will help you understand and cut through the red tape!

Why do we need to know so many details? What are the consequences to the importer of record if procedures are done incorrectly? What is the role of a customs broker? What do all those acronyms mean? These are just a few of the questions that you will find answered in this blog shortly. Your input matters! Please submit your questions in the comments below and we will provide the answers shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you and come back soon!

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While we strive for accuracy in all our communications, as the Importer of Record it is incumbent upon your company to ensure that you are aware of the requirements under the new regulations so that you maintain compliance as always.