ACI eManifest Implementation Updates - Now What?

ACI eManifest Implementation Updates - Now What?

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Updates Implementation Timelines

Here Is What We Know:

CBSA issued the following statement late last week: As you are aware, on November 1, 2011, an 18-month implementation timeline began, providing highway carriers 12 months to incorporate eManifest requirements into their business processes.

As part of our ongoing project analysis, the eManifest implementation timeline has been reviewed taking into account several factors. Based on the review, on November 1, 2012, an informed compliance period will begin during which carriers will not be turned around or issued zero-rated penalties for non-compliance but will be informed of the requirement to transmit advance highway and cargo and conveyance data. Throughout the informed compliance period, the CBSA will continue to assist clients in becoming eManifest-compliant through communication, outreach, compliance monitoring and other support activities. In May 2013, when eManifest-enabling regulations are expected to be in place, requirements will be mandatory and non-compliant carriers could be subject to penalties.

What Does That Mean To You As A Carrier:

  • If you are fully set up and registered as an eManifest participant - you can begin filing eManifest conveyance and cargo data immediately.
  • If you are one of the many carriers that are not yet registered - it means that you can continue to conduct cross-border business without fear of penalty, or being denied entry.
How Carriers Can Meet ACI eManifest Document Demands

What Pacific Customs Brokers Recommends:

  • Carriers that have not yet registered - to make the most of this short reprieve and begin the registration process immediately. We all know how quickly time slips by and it will be May 1, 2013 before we know it and then carriers who are non-compliant will run the huge risk of incurring monetary penalties and/or being denied entry.
  • Carriers that have registered - with a third party service provider, or who plan to use the CBSA web portal, may want to consider having a backup plan in the event of system failures, power outages, internet connectivity issues, etc. There is no cost to carriers to register with Pacific Customs Brokers as your secondary service provider as it gives you a viable and instantly available alternative in the event that you cannot file your ACI eManifest for some reason.

How Pacific Customs Brokers Can Help:

Pacific Customs Brokers is fully aware of just how intimidating this whole program can seem. If you are just getting on board with eManifest and are a little unsure of how the program works and how it will affect your business, we recommend attending one of our ACI eManifest Information Sessions on October 16th, 2012. In these sessions we will explain in-depth how the program works and answer all of your questions.

In our ongoing effort to provide a wide variety of carrier-related services, Pacific Customs Brokers offers both self and full service eManifest filing. We also provide ACE e-Manifest filing services for shipments into the USA.

For more information, questions you may have or to request an ACI eManifest setup package please contact us at 855.542.6644 or email us at

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