ACI eManifest - The Clock Is Ticking

ACI eManifest - The Clock Is Ticking

Non-Compliant Carriers Will Be Denied Entry Into Canada Without An ACI eManifest

As all carriers should now be aware, the next phase of the ACI eManifest program goes into effect on November 1, 2012.

This phase of the program requires carriers to electronically report both cargo and conveyance data at least one hour prior to arrival at the FPOA (First Port Of Arrival). Trucks arriving at the FPOA without prior submission of said data "Will be denied entry to Canada".

Carriers that are waiting until the last minute to register with CBSA as participants in the ACI eManifest Program need to be aware that there is currently a four week waiting period for processing these applications. Further, industry sources indicate that only a small percentage of cross-border carriers are set up and ready to go. As the deadline for compliance draws nearer, and more carriers attempt to get registered, it is safe to assume that this waiting period may become longer. In other words, if you wait until the third week of October to get on board, you may be left standing on the dock.

To learn more on how you can prepare, register  for the ACI eManifest Session offered by Pacific Customs Brokers . If you would like more information, please call Pacific Customs Brokers at 888.538.1566.

Hefty AMPS Penalties For ACI eManifest Non-Compliance
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