The Top Blog Posts For 2022

The Top Blog Posts For 2022

Information is critical in the world of trade and commerce, so in 2022 we have aimed to provide you with the most relevant content to help answer those tough-to-answer search query questions. 

Let’s take a look back at the top posts of 2022 in our “Your Broker Knows” blog roster for those who may have missed the valuable tips, guides and information on your supply chain.

What’s The State Of Canadian Trade In 2022?

This is an exciting read for many in the industry as it highlighted the current state of Canadian trade in 2022. It contains information on merchandise, energy products, motor vehicles/parts, consumer products, Canada’s trade balance, trade services and the future predictions of trade. 

Canada’s Duty Drawback Program

Give this a read to understand Canada’s Duty Drawback program, administered by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which forms part of their Trade Incentive Programs. Learn more about the elements of this program and how to qualify for a duty drawback, CUSMA restrictions, and more. 

Why Can’t I File a Drawback On All Duties, Taxes And Fees?

This informative post provides insight into the background of Duty Drawback, the rules that have modernized these systems, and how you can make claims for Customs fees paid. Learn more about filing a drawback claim under the TFTE Act, which can be immensely worthwhile if done correctly by reading this post. 

Canada’s Trade Incentive Programs

If you are a Canadian business owner, you would surely love to read more about this post on Canada’s Trade Incentive Programs, which have helped many Canadian businesses gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, you will be provided with a deeper glimpse into Canada’s Foreign Trade Zone Program. 

Logistics Scalability For E-commerce

Read this post to learn the four exclusive tips on ensuring optimal logistics scalability for your e-commerce business. In logistical terms, scalability is vital in ensuring the strength of your supply chains and import processes. As an entrepreneur, you should be prepared for the expected and unexpected to succeed. 

BN And RM Numbers | What Do They Have To Do With Importing Into Canada?

This blog was the top read for 2022. If importing commercially into Canada, you must obtain a Business Number (BN) provided by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Read this blog to find out how to obtain this number and why government agencies use a BN. Additionally, this post will help explain the differences between business numbers (BN) and import/export (RM) numbers and why they are needed for compliance. 

What Is A CBP Withhold Release Order, And Why Goods May Be Issued One?

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can issue a Withhold Release Order (WRO) for certain imports, which can result in the detention of goods at ports of entry. This blog highlighted the effects a withhold release order can have on textile imports and why the US government has implemented them.

How CBP Keeps A Close Eye On Relationships Within The Customs Transaction

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) monitors the relationships between the parties involved in the Customs Transaction that could influence the imported goods' valuation. Learn the methods for determining Customs Valuation, the various types of relationships and insight into test values. 

We want to thank all our readers and clients for their support this year, and we hope that we answered all your trading questions on our “Your Brokers Know’” blog and look forward to tackling even more of those tricky questions in the years to come.

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