Trade Regulation Updates

An Update on the Coming CBSA Labor Action

April 15, 2024

As many are aware, the Canada Border Services Agency has begun a strike vote.

While we will not know the results of this vote until May 14th, and the matter could be entirely avoided if an agreement is made, it is worth noting that even in the case of a strike, the CBSA is considered an essential service and, as such, cannot ‘close’ in the traditional sense of the word.

If a strike occurs, it will likely come in the form of a ‘work-to-rule’ situation where CBSA staff work no extra hours and go ‘by the book,’ forgoing any typical port leniency. The result would be a slowdown in clearances and exams, but that is about the worst an importer can expect. It should be business as usual, just slower.

Of course, you can count on us to keep you informed as this situation evolves.