Trade Regulation Updates

CBSA’s 90 Day Evaluation Period for ACI eManifest Has Been Extended

August 30, 2017

As a highway carrier bringing goods into Canada, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requires you to submit an ACI eManifest prior to your arrival at the border. This has been mandatory since January 11, 2016. Non-compliance may result in Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPS).  


However, in late May of 2017 CBSA announced that due to system instability, CBSA was allowing carriers to voluntarily return to the U.S. until an ACI eManifest had been submitted, without penalty. This was announced as a 90 day, evaluation period beginning May 29, 2017 and ending August 26, 2017. This period has been extended to midnight December 31st, 2017.


During this period the CBSA will monitor the returns of carriers and may contact them to provide outreach for emanifest compliance.


In the event that a highway carrier has not submitted an eManifest prior to their arrival at the border and they choose not to return to the U.S. (outside of a CBSA outage period), monetary penalties for contraventions C378, C379 and C382  may be applied:


  • C378 - failed to submit pre-load/pre-arrival information relating to their cargo and/or conveyance ( $2000-$8000 per instance)
  • C379 - failed to submit advance information in the prescribed time or prescribed manner to CBSA ( $250-$750 per submission)
  • C382 -submitted information prescribed by the Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations that was not true, accurate and complete. ($500-$1500 per submission).


Carriers are reminded that they are responsible to ensure all eManifest is provided to the CBSA with true, accurate and complete data and detailed cargo descriptions. CBSA recommends that carriers work with their trade partners (i.e. shippers) to ensure they are provided with a complete description of the goods they are carrying for CBSA description purposes.


All ACI eManifest in the highway mode for conveyance and cargo must be received and validated a minimum of one hour prior to the conveyance arriving at the First Port of Arrival.

Questions or concerns can to directed to the CBSA Transporter Compliance Unit.