Trade Regulation Updates

Implementation Of Chapters Of The Animal Products Import Policy Framework

December 2, 2020

Starting on December 16th 2020, the following chapters of the Terrestrial animal products and by-products: Import policy framework will be implemented and become active:

8. General import requirements: Introduction, Zoosanitary certificate, and Importer's declaration

10.2 Integumentary tissues and animal-origin display items

10.3 Contaminated things

10.9 Pet chews

15.2 Annex 2: Acceptable treatments for feathers

15.4 Annex 4: Bacterial culture testing requirements for pet chews

The implementation of these chapters will not have an impact on existing import conditions or international trade.

The following policies will simultaneously be removed from the CFIA website as they will be replaced by the new chapters above:

Importation of Integumentary Tissue

Import of Used Equipment and Things from Non-designated Countries

Questions or comments about the policy may be sent to the Animal Products and Animal By-products Import/Export section at