Trade Regulation Updates

New Additions to CFIA Directive Regarding Entry Requirements for Wood Packaging Material into Canada

November 15, 2023

Recently, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced several clarifications to the recently updated directive D-98-08. Updates to the directive, which came into effect on November 10th, 2023, cover entry requirements for wood packaging material in Canada and detail a new shipborne dunnage program. 

This is a courtesy notice to inform you that the directive has been revised to increase clarity on ship reporting and contact points while also providing additional tools for industry. All the requirements specified in the shipment dunnage program remain the same; however, there have been changes to certain sections to increase clarity. 

The following sections have been altered: 

  • The use of phytosanitary certificates (Section 5) and the scope of the program as it relates to marine containers (Section 5.2)
  • The notification process for ships entering Canadian waters to discharge dunnage has been improved (Section 5.2.1 and Appendix 3)
  • A flow chart has also been provided to describe how shipborne dunnage is managed in Canada (Appendix 9) 

Please see D-98-08: Entry Requirements For Wood Packaging Material Into Canada for complete details.  

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions you have about these clarifications or the directive as a whole by emailing ( or ‍ or calling (604.538.1566 or 360.332.8534). 

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