Trade Regulation Updates

Regulation Update: Off-Road Compression-Ignition (Mobile and Stationary) and Large Spark-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations

June 4, 2021

Recently, Environment and Climate Change Control Canada (ECCC) has announced that on June 4, 2021 the Off-Road Compression-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations will be repealed and replaced with the Off-Road Compression-Ignition (Mobile and Stationary) and Large Spark-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations (CI/LSI/SCI Regulations).

CBSA has not yet implemented the required programming to submit the newly required data electronically. While we are awaiting the transition to the new programming, this is a courtesy notice to inform you that the import requirements for mobile and stationary off-road compression-ignition and large spark-ignition engines are changing effective June 4, 2021. You will be required to submit additional information in order for the import declaration to be completed.

Importers of engines and machinery regulated by the Off-Road Compression-Ignition (Mobile and Stationary) and Large Spark-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations (CI/LSI/SCI Regulations) will be required to submit a completed CI/LSI/SCI Import Declaration Form to ECCC directly from yourself, prior to importation, in order to notify them of your intent to import a regulated item.

Download the Importation Declaration Form here for a NEW engine (English or French) or for a REBUILT engine (English or French).

Subject Line Requested by ECCC: “CI/LSI/SCI Import Declaration Form”
Email completed form to:

Please include a confirmation that the form has been submitted to ECCC within your customs documents in order to avoid clearance delays and additional charges.

Importers that do not submit a CI/LSI/SCI Import Declaration Form may be subject to the Compliance and Enforcement Policy for the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. This policy can be found here.

PCB clients receive the benefit of our proactive release process which will ensure their imports are declared with the additional requirements listed above:

  1. Upon receipt, our release team ensures all necessary documents that are required for import, are included. 
  2. If they are missing we will reach out to you, your carrier or your vendor to obtain this paperwork (depending on service package, additional fees may apply)
  3. Clearance delays and additional fees may apply as we confirm the required declaration form has been submitted to ECCC.

The following is a recap of the new requirements.

Affected Commodities:

  • Mobile diesel engines that are typically found in machines used in construction, mining, farming, and forestry applications.
  • Stationary diesel engines that are commonly used to provide electricity in remote communities, to power industrial equipment, and as a back-up or emergency sources of power for buildings.
  • Large spark-ignition engines that are typically used in machines such as forklifts, ice resurfacers, small generators and other specialty equipment.  

Information Required For Importation:

Note: Information requirements vary based on machine and engine type.

  • Vehicle class (not required for loose engines)
  • Engine class
  • Manufacturer name
  • Make of machine
  • Model of machine
  • Engine identification number
  • Model year of engine
  • Engine family name
  • Engine evaporative name (for some gasoline engines)
  • Compliance statement which identifies emissions standards
  • Evidence of conformity and location it is held at
  • Location and contact information for engines being completed after import

Engine specifications are found on the emissions label affixed to the engine. Importers are also required to obtain, prior to importation, and keep on file proof that the item they are importing meets the required emissions standards for the model year the engine is manufactured for.

Please see the regulations on the Justice Laws Website for complete details. These new regulations introduce new information requirements for certain categories of engines and machines.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have about these new requirements at any time. We are here for you always!