Trade Regulation Updates

Update to Import Requirements for Strawberry Plants From Italy

June 29, 2023

Please be advised that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has updated Appendix 2 of directive D-18-01: Phytosanitary requirements for imported small fruit propagative material to approve the import of propagative plant material of strawberry (Fragaria spp.) originating from Italy based on the results of a pest risk analysis.

Imported propagative plant material of Fragaria spp. (excluding seeds) must be produced under the Italian National Certification Program for strawberry. Shipments must be accompanied by an import permit and phytosanitary certificate attesting to this.

It is important to note that this material and its progeny are not eligible for export to the United States, no matter how long it is held or grown in Canada.

The CFIA Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) has also been updated.

These changes are to be implemented immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact your local CFIA office.