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Urgent Notification: Romaine Lettuce Import Requirements Updated

March 6, 2020

Update March 6, 2020:

The CFIA has removed the requirement for imports Romaine Lettuce to be accompanied by a certification of origin. Romaine from the Salinas area can once again be imported.

Updated requirements for Romaine Lettuce from California:

CFIA sent out a notice in the afternoon of  November 22, 2019, regarding updated import requirements for Romaine Lettuce from California.
Shipments of romaine lettuce from California must be accompanied by a certification on the exports letterhead, showing a Proof of Origin with the date of signing and the signature of the exporter declaring that the lettuce was not harvested in the Salinas, California, growing region (counties of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, and Monterey).
Please ensure all shipments containing romaine lettuce include this additional documentation in order to avoid clearance delays
We highly recommend you consult the CFIA’s Automated Import Reference Tool, AIRS, or contact the CFIA National Import Service Center at 1-800-835-4486 for further information.