How Carriers Can Meet ACI eManifest Document Demands

How Carriers Can Meet ACI eManifest Document Demands

As an ACI eManifest service provider, one thing has become abundantly clear to us in the past six or seven months. Many carriers, and shippers too for that matter, struggle mightily when it comes to documentation for their loads.

While there are carriers out there running up and down the highway with not much more than scribble on a truck stop napkin, there are many whose paperwork processes are flawless. Though the ACI eManifest program does not demand any paperwork that was not previously required for cross-border transportation, it has certainly shone a light on many of the flaws and inadequacies in some carriers' paperwork processes.

The bulk of the burden for producing accurate paperwork falls to the shipper. However, it quickly becomes the carrier's problem if this paperwork is incomplete or inaccurate. Is there a more common reason for delays at the border than improperly prepared documents?

The Importance Of A Bill Of Lading | Part 1

As it is the carrier that pays the price for these delays, in both lost time and possible monetary penalties, it is their right and responsibility to demand complete and accurate paperwork. Much to our surprise many carriers do not even get a properly prepared bill of lading from the shipper. The bill of lading is quite obviously a key component in any transportation movement and is referred to repeatedly by Canada Border Services Agency when discussing paperwork requirements in relation to ACI eManifest. Bills of lading will also be a key part of any customs audit and, if called upon to produce them, you want to be sure that they are accurate.

Regardless of the current state of your paperwork process, the informed compliance period is the time to refine it and make any necessary changes. Once these regulations are fully implemented, you do not want to bring a truck stop napkin to a customs audit.

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