Video | Introduction To ACI eManifest - Canada

Video | Introduction To ACI eManifest - Canada

In this video we offer a brief overview of the Canada Border Services Agency's eManifest program, its origins, its processes, and the timelines for its implementation. We also discuss some of the common issues raised by highway carriers and importers with respect to this program. If you are just getting on board with ACI eManifest and are a little unsure of how the program works or how it will affect you at the border, this video will give you an informative outline of the ACI eManifest regulations and requirements which are expected to come into full effect in the fall of 2013.

Since the implementation for ACI eManifest regulations on May 6, 2015, highway carriers transporting goods into Canada are required to transmit cargo and conveyance data electronically to the CBSA (Canadian Border Service Agency) prior to arrival. The cargo and conveyance data must be received and validated by the CBSA a minimum of one hour before the shipment arrives at the border.

Pacific Customs Brokers offers ACI and ACE eManifest solutions for highway carriers and self-carrying importers into Canada and the USA.

Still have questions about ACI eManifest into Canada? Contact our Border Pro eManifest Team at 855.542.6644 or via email at Check out Pacific Customs Brokers blog posts on everything customs and freight related.

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