The implementation of the ACI eManifest program has generated lots of traffic to our website. As carriers strive to become compliant and struggle with the challenges presented by this change in their business environment, many questions have arisen.

Here is a sample of some of the inquiries that have come in over the past couple of weeks and the answers that we have provided.

1. How will the ACI eManifests program work?

The carrier, or their third party service provider, will be responsible for transmitting conveyance and cargo data to CBSA no less than one hour prior to arrival at the first port of entry. This function will be in addition to, and separate from, the requirement to send PARS requests to the appropriate customs broker. At the point the ACI eManifest data is accepted by CBSA, the carrier, or their third party service provider, will generate an "ACI eManifest Lead Sheet". The sheet must be submitted by the driver when he arrives at the border.

2. Who has to provide an eManifest?

With some exceptions, carriers for hire who are importing commercial goods into Canada, or returning to Canada empty are required to file ACI eManifest.

For a list of exceptions and exemptions from the eManifest program, consult the ACI/eManifest Highway Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document .


3. What is the eManifest portal?

The ACI eManifest Portal is a CBSA operated, web-based interface, that allows carriers to enter and transmit conveyance and cargo data.

4. Are chips and roundwood exempt from complying with emanifest?

At this point, no specific products have been exempted from eManifest requirements. The ACI/eManifest Highway Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document  does provide info on exceptions and exemptions to eManifest filing requirements.

5. Do we have to set up a new eManifest for every customs broker?

No, the ACI eManifest program is not customs broker specific. You are required to submit an eManifest cargo report for each shipment on your truck. These shipments could all be cleared by the same customs broker or by multiple different customs brokers.

For information on in bond movement of goods under eManifest, follow this link:

6. Does ACI eManifest replace A8A cargo control documents?

No. Although the eManifest program requires input of in bond cargo data similar to what is found on an A8A, the system is not yet paperless and A8A?s will still be required at the port of entry and for re-manifesting purposes.

For information on in bond movement of goods under eManifest, follow this link:

7. How will ACI eManifest impact customs brokers?

ACI eManifest will not directly impact customs brokers as their process for entry submission will remain the same. That said, there may be an increase in volume as CBSA will no longer be accepting multiple shipments on one entry.

8. How do I get started with eManifest for Canada customs?

If you want to submit your ACI eManifests using a third party service provider, you can contact Pacific Customs Brokers'  Border Pro eManifest Team at 855-542-6644  or via email at

If you wish to transmit directly to CBSA, there is information on how to go about getting set at  ACI/eManifest Highway Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document .


Pacific Customs Brokers is fully aware of just how intimidating this whole program can seem. If you are just getting on board with ACI eManifest and are a little unsure of how the program works and how it will affect your business, we recommend attending our upcoming ACI eManifest Information Session wherein we will discuss how the program works in-depth and answer your questions.

We also welcome your questions regarding ACI eManifest and its implementation in our comments section below.


For regular updates on this topic consider following Pacific Customs Brokers @askborderpro.


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