International Flower Delivery | What Happens When a Taiwanese Orchid Decides to Travel Internationally?

International Flower Delivery - from Taiwan with love, international delivery florists!

This is a light hearted, quick story about international flower delivery. It represents a very real question that we were asked here at Pacific Customs Brokers; the answer to which is a gem if you are planning an international flower delivery or you are importing plants or cut flowers into either the U.S. or Canada. Being recognized as experts in the field of import requirements and international delivery for plants and cut flowers across North America is something we are proud of. As a result of this reputation, we process a significant amount of cut flowers and plants imported into Canada and U.S., including a recent request to help mitigate a delay during the import of Taiwanese Orchids.The need came as a request from a VIP guest of an international hotel. A grand gesture from the hotel was to seek the import of these glorious plants to satisfy their dignified guest. During the import process the flowers were delayed at the border. The client asked for our assistance in meeting their import needs in order to meet their esteemed guest?s request.This desire and its requirements raised an interesting point to us. How many of our readers might face the same situation with Valentine?s Day, Mother?s Day, Father?s Day and all the amazing holidays we celebrate with the gifting of plants and flowers? How many might run into the same type of delay if they do not reach out to us prior to importation? How many could avoid this delay?Our friends and families span the globe more than ever before. Be it plants or international flower delivery we are sending more and more unique items across more international borders than ever. What are the customs requirements across global borders to make these deliveries happen? If you are a grower, producer or shipper of flowers, international delivery of any kind requires customs clearance and we can certainly assist you with your cross-border shipping needs.Your Broker Knows ~ and you can as well.If you are a business that imports or exports products, join us on LinkedInOr you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter 

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